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Cyclops PRO 300PT

CycleOps PRO 300PT
Indoor Power Trainer Bike

I'm going back to the Dolomites this summer and this is my secret weapon. I'm going to focus on power to get the most out of my indoor riding experience. I will combine heartrate, speed and cadence to flatten the great climbs of the Giro. the massive flywheel and fixed gearing make this the ultimate indoor riding experience.
Equipped with the revolutionary PowerTap technology, the CycleOps Pro 300PT Indoor Cycle for the home allows you to actually measure and record your power output for the first time ever on an indoor cycle.
And because it uses the latest in 2.4 technology, there are no wires to get in the way of your workout. Data travels from the flywheel to the onboard console with no additional sensors.
Combine this with a console that provides real–time biometric feedback on speed, distance, cadence, time, heart rate and ride metrics, and you're poised for the most effective and informative indoor training possible.
Because the PowerAgent software comes with the bike, you truly have all the tools you need to track and adapt your fitness goals, whether they're related to peak power, heart rate or weight loss.
The data transfers easily to your Mac or PC through a simple USB connection. In fact, you might get so much out of your workouts on the Pro 300PT that you find yourself making excuses to ride inside.
The CycleOps Pro 300PT is designed to mimic the fit and feel of your outside bike in your own home.
Easily put your own saddle on the bike and dial–in the infinitely adjustable handlebars and seat position for the perfect fit. It rides like a real bike because it's inspired by a real bike. Not to mention—tested, approved and used by professional cyclists and athletes who demand professional results.

in store pick up CycleOps PRO 300PT $2,400.

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