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Let Us Prep Your X-C Skis

Race Ready Base Prep on synthetic based skis includes: cleaning, structuring, saturation waxing and fluoro glide waxing to your choice of temperature. $33.00

Wax Easy -Ski Fast

  • Keep waxing simple at first.

  • For good grip on classic skis use the Swix Basic Grip Wax combo one wax for warm snow one for medium and another for cold.

  • Or try Toko Easy Wax. One for below zero the other for above zero temperatures. Crayon the grip wax onto the grip zone (from your heel to approx. 50cm forward) of your skis and buff in with a cork. Apply 2-3 thin layers.

  • For good glide use Toko Express Wax rub-on glide wax. Classic skiers can simply wipe this paste onto the tips and tails and buff. If you’re skating treat the entire base with this fast and easy glider.

Saul's Wax Box for Racers

Grip : Swix VR Series, VG35, KR20 Klister, Fiberlene 40m
Glide : Swix Bulk Wax CH 4,7,10, HF12, FC08L,
Tools : Toko Waxing Iron, Ski Form, Scraper 5mm, Wax Cork, Groove Scraper, Set of Brushes, Toko Structurite

Saul's Wax Box for Citizen Racers

Grip : Swix VR Series, KR20 Klister, K22N Klister, Fiberlene
Glide : Swix F4 Bulk,
Tools : Toko Waxing Iron, Compact Vise, Set of Brushes, Toko Structurite, Scraper 5mm, Wax Cork, Groove Scraper

Saul's Wax Box for Fun

Grip : Toko Easy Wax, Swix Universal Quick Klister, Fiberlene
Glide : Swix universal F4 easyglide paste
Tools : Wax Cork, Scraper 5mm

Glide Wax   -Fluorocarbon Wax

Fluorocarbon compounds are very slippery, just like the teflon coating on frying pans. The high surface tension of fluorocarbon repels water, resists the abrasion and adhesion of dirt, making it exceptional in humid or old, dirty snow. By mixing fluoros with conventional waxes the glide temperature range can be extended and lowered for our winters. A little goes a long way.

Swix Cera F FC8X Powder

The most used Cera F!
FC8X covers the important range from -4°C to +4°C (40°F to 25°F) in normal winter conditions, new or old snow.


sorry sold out

Swix Cera F Spray FC8A Rocket

100% fluorocarbon. Liquid Cera F spray for transformed and fine grained snow from +4°C to -4°C (40°F to 25°F).


Swix Cera Nova HF Glide Wax

Swix has blended high concentrations of fluorocarbon with hydrocarbon waxes for an easy to apply exceptionally fast wax. Use it alone or as a base wax for Cera F.
HF7 -2 to -8°C, HF8 +1 to -4°C, Combi Pack 2HF Waxes

Combi Pack 2HF Waxes 40 grams total $69.95

individual HF Waxes

HF4 -10 to -32°C

HF6 -6 to -12°C
HF7 -2 to -8°C
HF8 +1 to -4°C
40 grams each $69.95


Kuu TNT Pure Fluoro

Our friends at Kuusport have done it. Pure Fluoro Powder at an economical price. I have used it and it is fast. It is economical because it is Canadian. -8 to +8°C at high humidity

15 grams $59.95

sold out

Fluoro Wax for the Masses LF

This economical glide wax is ideal for training.
LF7 -2 to -8°C,
LF8 +1 to -4°C,
LF10 +10 to 0°C,
Combi Pack 3LF Waxes

Combi Pack 3LF Waxes 60 grams total $19.95

Swix Bulk Wax

Buy in bulk and save. We offer Swix glide wax for X-C, downhill and snowboards in bulk without packaging at significant savings.

Swix Solid F4 Universal Glide Wax

Ecconomical fluoro glide/prep wax

Bulk F4 Wax, 180 grams each $22.95

Thermo Pad

This new polishing block enhances the performance of fluorocarbon waxes.

sold out


Swix LF Glide Wax

LF4 -10 to -32°C
LF7 -2 to -8°C
LF10 0 to +10°C

Bulk LF Wax, 180 grams each $57.00



Swix CH Glide Wax

CH4 -10 to -32°C
CH7 -2 to -8°C
CH10 0 to +10°C

Bulk CH Wax, 180 grams each $19.95

Swix Easy Glide Flouro Paste 75ml

It's easy to use and economical glide wax. Just wipe this universal paste on your base with the included sponge applicator. No ironing or scraping is required.

75ml $18.00

Swix Base Cleaner

"I want to buy a large container of bicycle chain degreaser because the small containers are so expensive."

Swix Base Cleaner Liquid 5000ml 169fl.oz.

Not only does it remove wax, it is an excellent bicycle chain degreaser. The active ingredient is a low aromatic hydrocarbon which is an excellent solvent. It is also specially formulated as a safe product.

We also pour this into smaller containers for economic resale.

in store pick up only

was $150.00

on sale for $99.95

in store pick up only

1000ml in spray bottle $25.00

in store pick up only


Grip Wax | wax kit |

Swix Krystal Classic Wax

Swix has combined the best of their high performance fluoronated grip waxes into a single family of easy to select grip waxes
45 grams each

VR30 Cold and extremely cold

old snow -10 to -30°C $19.95

VR40 most used temperature range
new snow -2 to -8°C
old snow -4 to -12°C $19.95

VR45 temps around zero
new snow 0 to -2°C
old snow -2 to -8°C $19.95

VR50 moist & dry snow around zero
new snow +1 to 0°C
old snow 0 to -4°C $19.95

VR55 moist snow around zero
new snow +2 to 0°C
old snow 0 to -3°C $19.95

VR60 wet snow around zero
new snow +2 to +0°C
old snow +1 to -2°C $19.95

VR65 fresh wet snow
new snow 0 to +3°C
old snow 0 to +2°C $19.95

VR70 falling wet snow
& transformed snow down to 0
new snow +3 to +1°C $19.95

VR75 falling wet snow
& slick tracks
new snow +5 to +2°C $19.95

VG35 Base Binder $16.95

45 grams each

Swix Krystal Classic Wax Sold Separately


45 grams each VG35 Base Binder $16.95 Quantity:

Swix Basic Grip Wax/Cork

This is a simple set that still works well. Red
and Blue have a cork back for smoothing.
V20 Green -8 to -18°C $8.95
V40 Blue Extra -1 to -10°C $8.95

V45 Violet Special 0 to -6°C $8.95

V55 Red Special 1 to -2°C $8.95
45 grams each

Start Grip Tape

Grip tape is easily applied to the grip zone of classic skis for kick instead of grip wax or klister.
Recommended temperature rangeis +5°...-20°C (41°...-4°F)
Comes in a handy tape dispenser for easy application and will last up to 100 kilometers of skiing
5m enough for 2 pairs

Start Grip Tape $15.95


Toko Easy Wax
+/-Universal Kit

One sticky wax for warm snow, one not-so-sticky wax for cold with a cork. It's that simple.

32 grams each $16.95

Klister Klean-up

Before you slip those sticky klister covered skis into your clean ski bag drip some glide wax onto the klister, smooth it on with your iron, cool then either pack it up or scrape the waxy/klister mix off to restore your clean base. Our bulk glide wax is an ideal cleaner or travel wax.

80Km’s without rewaxing for grip

Build a klister binder base. Apply a thin layer of KR20 klister to a short grip zone and iron in. Freeze the klister and apply a layer of VR40. Cork smooth. Lightly heat with an iron. Re-freeze, then apply VR40 to frozen wax, cork then melt. Repeat for a total of three layers. Re-freeze and apply the wax of the day. It will last! --Saul

Swix Krystal Klister
KR20 Base Klister Green

Use it alone on cold icy tracks or as an abrasion resistant base for warmer klisters.
-3C to -25°C.

55 grams $15.00

Swix K22 Universal Klister

This klister is ideal for changing conditions.dhesion of dirt and snow crystals.
+10° C to -3°C.

55 grams $15.00

Swix Universal Quick Klister

Spread this easy-to-use liquid with the built-in applicator to transform slick tracks into fun tracks.

K0065, 75ml $19.95

Swix Handcleaner

If you use klister pack

75 grams $12.95

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